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HERO WILD ONION OS Theatre by James Barrett .jpg
HERO WILD ONION OS Theatre by James Barrett .jpg

How do we grow together?

Step into our circle and peel back the layers of this riotous, narrative cabaret.


Blending theatre, dance, circus, and over 100 delightfully destroyed onions, WILD ONION brings three queer best friends together to explore and grow their chosen family. 


As Daisy loses her sense of self in the midst of family secrets, Rach attempts to manage her fear of men, and Adam tries to make himself cry on a cyr wheel.


A ‘highly recommended show’ by FringeReview, described as ‘A right-rollicking night out,’ where the best tears are onion tears, and we guarantee not a dry eye in the house.


All destroyed onions will be composted at a local community garden. 

WILD ONION is shortlisted for the New Diorama and Underbelly Edinburgh Untapped Award 2022.


From makers of ★★★★ show In Addition, described by Mumble as ‘the play Britain needs right now’, WILD ONION is Orange Skies’ return to the touring circuit with a show unlike any other you will have seen before.

We disco. We smash. We love each other very much. Bring your mates, and beware the onion splash zone.

Developed with support from Norwich Theatre. 

Touring across the UK this year.

 Upcoming Dates
No upcoming events at the moment


'Highly Recommended Show'

'A brilliantly written and right-rollicking night out. With moments of serious heart-to-heart, bitter recriminations and tender rekindling of friendships. There are tears in the audience at the end. ears of togetherness, of triumph, of release. Yeah, all right, it’s a cliché, but… tears of joy.

'A stand out, fun loving, piece of thought-provoking theatre, with joyful & outlandish onion-based theatrics.'

'A stand out, fun loving, piece of thought-provoking theatre, with joyful & outlandish onion-based theatrics.'

Norwich Evening News 

'High Impact'


Audience Reviews

'Truly a show that warms the soul and makes you love your friends more than you do already'

'A joyful show very touching, and skilful!'

It was so beautiful and raw but at the same time extremely joyous!

It was authentic and relatable. I enjoyed the symbolism. The music was great also! 😊

 The Team

Written and Directed by
Daisy Minto

Devised by the Company
Rachel Elizabeth Coleman

Adam Fullick

Daisy Minto

Styling by
Elizabeth Bradley

Movement Direction by

Rachel Elizabeth Coleman

Produced by

Daisy Minto

Production Manager & Assistant Producer

Rachel Elizabeth Coleman

Lighting Design by

Ryan Day

Developed in collaboration with

Sam Hughes

Audree Barvé

Gabriel Harris
Thom Sonny Green

Charles Bailey

Brad Welch 

Liv Boyd

Sam Rees

Tom Mason

Photography by

James Frederick Barrett

Past Performances


Rose Theatre Kingston, Fuse International Festival

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