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 w e t

How do we unlock our watery selves? 


Rain begins to fall on a desert. A sheet of ice cracks like thunder, severed, falling into the ocean. Bubbles head to the surface, dancing before imploding. A wave beats like a hammer against the side of a cliff.

Through personal exploration and movement w e t seeks to celebrate water; as a material, as a body, as a force of nature. Devised by the collective, and with innovative sound design by Dovydas Laurinaitis, w e t connects to the water within. 

 The Team

Directed and choreographed by
Audree Barvé

Devised by the Company

Celeste Combes

Byuka Darkwoods

Kalina Petrova

Performed by 

Audree Barvé
Celeste Combes

Byuka Darkwoods

Kalina Petrova

Rachel Elizabeth Coleman

Produced by

Rachel Coleman

With thanks to

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

 Past Performances



Camden People's Theatre - Calm Down Dear Festival

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