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 Tom Mason: ZERO HOUR

How can we manage our anxiety? 


In 2019 Daisy asked Tom if he could write a show in 3 weeks. He said probably not. Daisy said she believed in him and that in fact he had no choice as she’d booked the venue.


One man. One hour. Lots of anecdotes. Lots of laughs. Join Tom Mason as he relives - for your joy - some of the greatest deadlines of his life. A playful and honest encounter with men’s mental health, ZERO HOUR explores the moments when we fall apart, and the moments that come after.

Sell out show at Theatre Deli, and headline performance at Dear World Project. 

This production is ready to tour. It works in all sorts of spaces and needs minimal tech, so it’s perfect for libraries, schools, community halls or other lowkey spaces. (Tom says maybe not a cupboard but he could make it work)

 The Team

Written & Performed by
Tom Mason

Directed by

Sam Hughes

Produced by

Daisy Minto

With thanks to

Dear World Project

 Past Performances



Stour Space - Dear World Project



Theatre Deli Broadgate

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