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SpaceJunk holding image clean_edited.jpg
SpaceJunk holding image clean_edited.jpg

Commissioned by Norwich Theatre, supported by Jacksons Lane and Exeter Phoenix

Inspired by the Cosmos Archeology project at EPFL, Space Junk  tells the story of a space suit pushed out into space on an ephemeral orbit of the earth with a radio transmitter, known as SuitSat.


Floating through space it becomes a humanoid piece of space junk. On earth, Jocelyn, our human protagonist has just been through a heart wrenching divorce.


Through the radio transmitter they communicate and form a friendship. On stage we see a life size puppeteered space suit, and our protagonist is a dance and aerial artist. The narrative is audio. 


With over 100 million pieces of space junk orbiting the planet, Space Junk tells a story of love, loss, new frontiers, the destructive power of human carelessness and our constructive capacity for hope and compassion.

Partnered with the Exeter Science Centre


Shortlisted for the 2023 Pleasance Charlie Hartill Award 

 The Team

Written and Directed by
Daisy Minto

Puppetry Direction and Fabrication 
Chelsey Lee

Produced by

Daisy Minto

Production Manager & Assistant Producer

Rachel Elizabeth Coleman

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