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 About us

Orange Skies is a queer, neurodiverse-led theatre/circus company led by Artistic Director Daisy Minto. We create performance to touch hearts and entertain. We create compelling shows that reaches new audiences by uniquely combining narrative theatre with high-level circus arts. We are established and gaining momentum, seeing a real desire for our unique performance style in audiences and within the industry. 


Our work shares deeply authentic stories, often of loss, changing identity, friendship and care. We approach our creation process collaboratively, which leads to work with powerfully universal resonance, felt by audiences through the kinetic experience of circus and the intellectual experience of theatrical storytelling. 

We are currently supported by Norwich Theatre, Jacksons Lane and Roundhouse. Our work has been seen at venues such as Norwich Theatre, Royal and Derngate, Exeter Phoenix, Pleasance Islington, Camden People’s Theatre and Assembly Edinburgh.

Daisy Minto

Daisy’s (she/they) work is urgent, political with a little ‘p’, obsessed by visual aesthetic and pop culture.

Her work blends forms, drawing on theatre, circus and cabaret. 


Daisy trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama graduating in 2019 with MA in Advanced Theatre Practice. She trained with Gecko Theatre as part of the Regional Theatre Young Directors Scheme 2016, and graduated her Undergraduate in English Literature and Creative Writing from University of East Anglia 2016. 

Daisy teaches regularly at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, National Centre for Circus Arts & Norwich University of Arts in interdisciplinary performance making and self producing as an artist.


Daisy also works in arts marketing and producing, having worked with The Revel Puck Circus, Underbelly Ltd and Barely Methodical Troupe.


 Get in touch

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